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Acupuncture Practice Continues in Alfred, Olean Times Herald, 3/22/14

This Won't Hurt a Bit: Acupuncturists Feel Good About Move to Alfred, Hornell Evening Tribune, 4/9/14

Alfred Acupuncture Practice Pins Olean For  a New Location.  Olean Times Herald. 3/15/15



Sarah Nelson and Kevin Ferst, licensed New York acupuncturists, are graduates of the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM) where they received Master's Degrees in Oriental Medicine (MacOM).  The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine is internationally regarded as one of the most outstanding English-language schools of East Asian Medicine.  The school's rigorous, apprenticeship-style training has prepared Sarah and Kevin with a solid clinical foundation and three full years clinical experience as direct care providers.   As part of their training, Sarah and Kevin studied an eclectic variety of different treatment modalities, including both traditional Chinese and traditional Japanese acupuncture. This allows them great flexibility in clinic, including an ability to deliver truly individualized care - including accommodating sensitive patients with more gentle needling.  Sarah and Kevin also practice Tui Na, a Chinese medical massage protocol.  Tui Na is a highly effective accompaniment to acupuncture treatments, particularly for conditions of pain and muscular imbalance. 

Sarah and Kevin also trained extensively in the use of Chinese herbs.  Chinese herbalism is an integral part of Oriental Medicine.  This complex and ancient medical system of medicine combines individual herbs into formulas which are created and modified specifically for each patient's constitution and medical condition.  

While at SIOM, Sarah took a special interest in gynecology,  Tui Na medical massage and Chinese herbalism.  She served as an assistant to Dr. Kerong Xie, renowned Chinese fertility specialist, at the Seattle Acupuncture and Herb Clinic.  Prior to her Oriental medical training, Sarah graduated cum laude from Middlebury College with a B.A. in theater and sociology. 

While at SIOM, Kevin took additional coursework in Tui Na medical massage and completed an internship at the Seattle Veterans' Association Hospital.  Kevin was a public librarian for several years in Ohio and Florida before his training in Oriental Medicine. 

Both Sarah and Kevin are experienced in reading and interpreting Chinese medical classics in their native language, and they continue their education by reviewing modern case studies from China.