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Chronic Pain and Alexander Technique

Alfred Village Hall (Upstairs), 12-1:30 pm. 

Hands on talk and demonstration! We are proud to bring a dynamic and exceptional teacher of the Alexander Technique to Allegany County. What is the Alexander Technique? Used by actors and performers around the world, it is a specialized and practical method of improving the way you move. 

Many chronic pain conditions are rooted in habits of excess tension or patterns of misusing the body. Learning to sit, stand and move more easefully takes awareness and interest, but is available to everyone, in every situation. Alexander Technique teachers use skilled hands and eyes and are armed with information about how the body works - and does not work - that sheds light on new and more supportive choices.

Back pain is currently the number one reason people miss work in the United States, so if you are suffering you are not alone. As we collectively spend more time sitting in front of screens, especially from a young age, that figure is likely to increase. A British study has shown Alexander lessons to be highly effective in alleviating lower back pain. Learning to move well is the best defense against musculo-skeletal pain.  

F.M. Alexander, who pioneered the work in the early 1900's, understood the fundamental importance of lengthening, rather than shortening, the stature. Our habits come to feel right to us, even when they cause us pain, so making a different choice can initially be a challenge. Alexander's legacy is a simple, awareness-based technique that educates rather than seeks to fix or cure. It has been known to help not only back, neck, and shoulder pain, but also knee, ankle and foot pain, wrist pain and repetitive strain disorders, digestive issues and gastric reflux, TMJ and jaw pain, breathing problems and asthma, and difficulties involving the voice, among others.

We are very proud to bring Tara Sullivan, who has practiced the Alexander Technique for 20 years and teaches in NYC, Berlin, and Rochester and has additionally taught all over the US and internationally. 

This not-to-miss experience is free. All will come away with something useful to bring to their daily lives.

Tara Sullivan will be available for private lessons in Alfred after the presentation, as well as periodically throughout the summer.  Please contact us if you would like to set up an appointment.  Thank you.  

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