Does it hurt?  

A lot of people who have never had acupuncture before imagine that acupuncture is sharp and painful.  While it is true that there can be occasional "pokey" moments, the sensation of acupuncture is not intended to be painful and usually is not.  We hope to achieve a particular sensation with the needles - a "qi sensation".  This feels heavy, pressure, or achy. 

How Many Treatments Will It Take?

Acupuncture is not usually a one-time cure-all.  It is best to not think of it that way, or have hope that it will "cure" pain or other symptoms in one treatment.  For those who want to give acupuncture a fair try, you should expect to come several times.  It is common to come between 6-8 times, one time per week - this is about a 2 month commitment you will make to your healing process.  

We almost always only see people one time a week.  Rarely, we may ask a severe case to come in more than one time a week if the case warrants it and the patient is willing to do so.  


We are now able to check insurances.   

Should I be Concerned as a Christian?

No.  No particular belief system is needed to receive the benefits of acupuncture.  Even animals receive it with great benefit.  You do not have to have a "belief" in acupuncture or our diagnostic processes to still have the benefits.  Approaching acupuncture with an open mind and optimistic attitude is a great idea - after all, the long-lasting legacy of Chinese Medicine is a testament to the benefits it offers.